Based in the Netherlands, OpenRTLS is the leading provider of open source Real Time Location System (RTLS) solutions based on Decawave technology.  OpenRTLS offers a broad array of solutions for enterprises to locate, track and manage assets, inventory, staff and visitors.

With OpenRTLS solutions you always know the location of the most critical corporate resources, assets and people - anytime, anywhere. The Real time visibility of assets and people allows you to improve overall workflow, levels of security and customer service.

Whether you are looking for a solution for hospital asset tracking, retail analytics, visitor security tracking, staff safety or other people tracking solutions, we know how to establish a surefire way to increase visibility and measurability.

Resources available include reference design of tags that last 7 years with just one charge, opensource reference design for tags (Hardware and software), and off the shelf RTLS infrastructure, anchors and control software.


Starter Kit, a demo setup in minutes

The Starter Kit contains all of the components needed to set up a scalable UWB RTLS network. Preconfigured software and hardware, auto position configuration deploys a fully functional positioning systems in minutes. One special tag with motion analysis sensors is included.

RTLS1000 tag with IMU, world smallest tag

OpenRTLS produces the world smallest motion sensing UWB tag. Battery operated life is extended with years having the world lowest power consumption in sleep mode and a high efficiency power supply. Dimensions: 14x27x2mm.

NeYo anchor, easy and cost effective retrofit a building

NeYo anchor is the smallest anchor (dimensions: 42x31x18mm) for easy and cost effective installation to deploy RTLS in buildings. This anchor is placed inside the mains power wall-outlets or or ceiling light mounting box. Applying multiple NeYo anchors in a room allow for presence detection without active tags. Equipped with the same OpenRTLS technology and fully compatible.

Custom Tag design service

RTLS Development package provides the software and sources to develop custom tags. A custom tag can be designed by a design house from OpenRTLS or a 3rd party.

OpenRTLS Application Server for remote control

The RTLS Application Server (Linux) is a special OpenRTLS anchor. System-integrators can run their application software independent from the clients server and software. Remote management, RTLS network control in a small form-factor.