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Ciholas Inc

Based in Newburgh, Indiana, USA, Ciholas, Inc. is an engineering consultancy firm that takes client ideas and turns them into reality.  Ciholas specializes in designing complex electronic systems creating intelligent products combining the latest technologies, including the design of Real Time Location Systems. Ciholas provides clients with high-level, creative engineers representing more than 200 years of combined experience with expertise in electrical, mechanical, software and prototyping.

Ciholas services include:

  • Design Work (Conceptual, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Software and Manufacturing)
  • Invention and Patent Work
  • Network Protocol Development
  • Regulatory and Safety Compliance
  • Manufacturing Support and Repair
  • Product Life Cycle Support




The DWUSB is ideal for RF communication and location services and can be used to speed development, as a proof of concept, or be directly embedded into products. The device incorporates an ARM processor, RF transceiver, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and an altimeter all into a very compact USB powered design. All functions of the device can be accessed through a USB virtual serial port from a PC or embedded processor. Applications are provided to exercise and evaluate all the features of this device. Advanced users can write their own microcontroller code and upload it to the device via the USB interface. 

Experience with the DW1000

Ciholas provides custom engineering and product design services using the DecaWave DW1000 Ultra Wideband transceiver chip. Ciholas can develop systems and products using the chip in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Real Time Location Services (RTLS) for inventory, people, livestock or machines
  • Proximity and alert systems for safety, protection, security, and automation
  • Augmentation with inertial navigation for better dynamic response
  • Ground truthing for research and scientific applications
  • Precise navigation for autonomous vehicles and robots
  • Virtual fencing, security, and monitoring
  • And many other new and creative uses

Engineering Design Services

Ciholas designs complex electronic systems, specializing in projects combining various technologies into effective products.  Our staff serves clients in a variety of industries with engineering design services. Ciholas can be your entire engineering department, or can supplement your personnel with additional expertise and manpower.  To learn more about us, please visit our webpage at www.ciholas.com.