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Located in S Korea, IDOLINK is an R&D based company in the fields of 'Internet of Things (IoT)', and specializing in the development of various innovative IoT products and solutions. IDOLINK has 29 patents, and 11 patents are related to RTLS as of the end of 2014.

IDOLINK received “Korea Technology Award” from Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) and “Korea ICT Innovation Award” from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) in Year 2014.

IDOLINK offers RTLS solutions based on UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology, with a range of out of the box solutions including fixed and mobile tags, and antennae for both indoor and outdoor use and the products developed and produced by IDOLINK are supplied to telcos, electronic manufacturers, heavy industry, museums, systems integrators and so on.

IDOLINK developed it’s own algorithms to minimize accuracy error, to integrate tens of Anchor nodes in one area (Multi-master node configuration) which make it possible to extend coverage almost unlimited without any degradation of performance.


Tags: Portable and Asset

Frequency:  3.2GHz - 4.8GHz.

Error Range:  Under 30cm.

Power:  Portable: Coin battery.

             Asset: 2 AA batteries

Size:  Portable: 33x66x11.5mm

          Asset: 66x66x33mm

Included with Portable and Asset tags: BLE 4.0 and accelerometer for additional applications.



Hybrid Tag

Designed for yard and warehouse management

Water resistant feature for outdoor usage (IP65)

Error Range:

- Outdoor  (D-GPS) < 5 metre (D-GPS)

- Indoor (UWB) < 30cm

  • UWB: Internal Antenna (Chip type)
  • SUN: Internal antenna (Internal type)
  • GPS: Internal Antenna (Patch type)

Power Source: 4xAA batteries

Dimensions: 104.49x86.21x41.45mm

Includes: 900 RF for communication to server.



RAP - Indoor and Outdoor types

Network interface: PoE, 10/100Mbps-T or WiFi or 3G/LTE

Antenna: External type

Power: PoE or SMPS 

Dimensions: 180x140x26mm (Indoor), 300x195x55mm(Outdoor, excluding antennae and bracket)



EVM kit consists of:

- 4 RAP (Anchor Nodes)

- 2 portable tags

- 2 asset tags

- 1 Gateway

- 1 CD (manual and API)

- carrying case

Soccer ball

Designed for soccer play to track players and the soccer ball.

Power source: Coin battery or rechargeable battery (wireless charging)

Dimension: 33x66x11mm (tag only)

Engineering Design Services

As IDOLINK is specialized in not only RTLS but also IoT, we can provide customer design service for various applications, 3D visualization together with CCTV PTZ function for security and safety applications.

To learn more about us, please visit our  at http://www.ido-link.com/english/