Woxu Wireless Company Ltd.

Nanjing Woxu Wireless Co.,Ltd. was founded in April 2012. Woxu is a device and service provider  specialising in high accuracy RTLS (real time locating system). Woxu provides customisation service for UWB module and system design. 

Since September 2013, Woxu began to use Decawave DW1000 in their product development and established a series of UWB RF modules for various customer application requirements, including the standard transmission power version, the high transmission power version, the high receive sensitivity version, the version with precious clock source, the versions with on-board antenna and external antenna. 

Meanwhile, Woxu has developed two RTLS systems: based on ToF and TDoA, with a locating error of less than 30cm. To simplify the installation and deployment of the modules, Wifi data communication and PoE power supply are used in the anchor design. These modules can be further developed by the customers with the help of the APIs provided.



 Part Numbers:

RF Module

UM-101: Normal Power /w TCXO

UM-103: High Power (+ 20dBm) /w TCXO, PA, LNA, 3GHz-5GHz

UM-106: High Power (+ 17dBm) /w TCXO, PA, LNA, 3GHz-7GHz

RF Module With MCU

UM-210: High Power (+ 17dBm) , /w TCXO, PA, LNA, 3GHz~7GHzSTM32 MCU

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Part Numbers:

UK-100: Normal Power /w TCXO /w 802.11 BGN Wi-Fi /w battery(Optional)


Part Numbers:

UA-100: Simplest Anchor, Normal Power (For Robot/AGV Location)

UA-180: High Power, Ethernet backhaul, 802.3af PoE, ToF & TDoA

UA-200: High Power, Ethernet & 802.11AN 2x2 backhaul, PoE, ToF & TDoA

UA-300: High Power, Giga Ethernet, 802.11A/N/AC, 802.11BGN backhaul, 802.3af PoE, ToF & TDoA


Part Numbers:

UT-200: High power Tag, 600mAH Battery, /w 3-Axis accer

UT-205: High power Tag, 1000mAH Battery,(/w mi-fare, /w Wireless Charger Optional)

UT-208: High power Tag, 1000mAH Battery, /w IMU


1) Worker Location System

2) Fire Fighter/ SWAT Location System

3) Robot/AGV Location System

4) Sport Applications

5) Hospital

6) Warehouse