===== Tracking and Monitoring Individual Animals - RTLS | DecaWave



The benefits to the farmer of emerging RTLS technology are well established. Monitoring and locating animals has become a critical function for farmers, driven by two agriculture market developments:

  • Regulatory requirements: to be able to trace meat/farm products "from farm to fork"
  • Price pressure: there is a constant pressure for efficiency in production processes.

Tracking individual animals guarantees increasingly stringent supplier conditions of traceability. In addition, it also logs animal behaviour – feeding, movement, etc. – and aids in early detection of problems through change of feeding patterns, mobility etc.

These obvious benefits have led to the widespread adoption of RFID and RTLS technology on farms. And while RFID offers good passive monitoring solutions, it is RTLS, based on ultra wideband technology, which demonstrably delivers efficiency improvements and all important affordability and cost savings.