A development board with DWM1001 mounted, enabling fast RTLS application deployment

MDEK1001 provides customers interested in a scalable RTLS network solution, the necessary hardware, software and development environment to quickly evaluate its features and performanceThe evaluation kit includes 12 encased development boards (DWM1001-DEV).


Software Packages are available for users to download:

1) Apk file for Android (Download)

2) DWM1001 Documents, Source Code, Android Application & Firmware Image (Download)

3) DWM1001 Virtual Box Image with Preinstalled Firmware Development Tool Chain (Download [3.5GB]

4) Source Code for the Android Application (Download)


Product Details

Key Benefits
Supports UWB & Bluetooth® SMART
Flashing and debugging support via J-Link OB
Flexible architecture
Embedded API to design system on module applications
External API for configuration & control via SPI, UART & BLE

Components of the board