Scensor and Real Time Location Systems

Real Time Location Systems are used to track and identify the location of objects in real time generally using simple, inexpensive nodes (badges/tags) attached to or embedded in objects to be located/tracked. These tags transmit wireless signals to devices called anchors or readers that use the wireless signals received from the tags to determine their location.

Our chip, DW1000, gives RTLS developers the ability, for the first time, to locate tagged objects to a precision of 10cm at a distance of up to 300 m in Line-of-Sight (LOS) mode.

DW1000's RTLS capability is unequalled in the market because of its many product advantages:

  • Location precison: DW1000 enables the location of tagged items to within 10cm indoors, even while moving at speed;
  • Density: Supports the accurate location of up to 11,000 items to such precision in a 20 metre radius;
  • Communications / location range: Communicates over ranges of up to 300 m LOS (at 110 kbps);
  • Low power: DW1000 can operate for several years from a small battery depending on the mode of operation;
  • Low cost: Small package size and competitve pricing;
  • Future proofing; The only currenlty available solution based on IEEE802.15.4-2011 standard.